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Lifestyle and sportswear of the Belgian woman as portrayed in fashion magazine Ariane

For this research project, Zoë Verbandt explores Belgian sportswear and lifestyle in Ariane, a Belgian fashion magazine published monthly between 1934 and 1935. Each issue of the magazine featured a recurring topic called “Ligne de vie, Ligne de jeunesse,” later renamed "La Beauté par la jeunesse, La jeunesse par la santé” in which different physical activities were discussed. The magazine provides an insight into female sports in Belgium during the interwar period. It shows us the popular “lifestyle” of that time period as well as how women spend their leisure time. 


First, the ideal lifestyle of women during the interwar period will be outlined. Prevailing interests as depicted in the magazine such as culture physique, health and diet will be examined more closely. After that, there will be an examination of which sports were most prominently represented, followed by an analysis of how the clothes were portrayed. Topics such as the functionality of the clothes, the designs and the occasions for wearing them will be researched. This research aims to provide an overview and deeper understanding of Belgian lifestyle and sportswear, as represented in Ariane

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