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Unknown couturiers: the case of Jenny Van Moergastel

During their visit to the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Brussels (RMAH/KMKG), Lotte Leenknegt and Kim Vanheule came across six dresses designed by Jenny Van Moergastel (dates unknown). Active in the 1950s, Van Moergastel ran an "haute couture" boutique In Brussels, first on the Rue du Midi and later on the Rue Van Helmont, where she produced her exquisite handmade garments. In the context of the research project Fashioning Belgium, Lotte Leenknegt and Kim Vanheule will make an in-depth study of these dresses, focusing on their construction techniques, materials, and design elements. They will examine signs of wear in order to get a deeper understanding of the functions of the garment. Additionally, the two researchers will explore the significance of the Rue Van Helmont in Brussels, the location of Van Moergastel's couture house as mentioned on the labels inside the garments. By studying Jenny Van Moergastel's work and the context in which it was created, they hope to gain a deeper understanding of her contribution to Belgian fashion in the 1950s.

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