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Emile Sergysels, catalogizaal, 1947-48, Brussel KBR-AML, fonds HVDV,


This website, created by MA students of the Department of Art History, Musicology, and Theatre Studies at the University of Ghent, serves as a platform for sharing and showcasing their latest research & insights of Belgian fashion from 1830 until 1980. 


The website aims to provide a comprehensive resource for fashion enthusiasts, researchers, and industry professionals, while also promoting the work and achievements of the students in the MA seminar. Through this website, visitors can stay up-to-date on our latest fashion research and gain insights into the creative processes behind nineteenth- and twentieth-century Belgian fashion design.

Catalogizaal van de Boekentoren, 1947-48, photo taken by Emile Sergysels, © Brussel KBR-AML

Our Focus


Lingerie, Belgium Brands, sale and purchase


Artist's jewelry during the Belle Epoque


A map of fashion houses and department stores in Belgium 


Haute-couture, Brussels, Female couturier, dresses


Pelerine, mantelet, camail, 19th century, Prownian analysis


Belgian fashion magazines, cover photographs, gender roles and stereotypes, 20th century, Interwar period


Fashion magazine, cover photographs, 1930s fashion, Interwar period, Belgian lifestyle, gender


Belgian lifestyle and sportswear, Interwar period, leisure time, woman


A map of the most prominent shopping streets of Ghent, throughout the 19th century

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Advertisements in the Vliegende Bladen archive of Ghent University

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