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The Under-Fashion: Belgian Brands, Style & Consumption of Women's Lingerie.

This research will take a closer look at the evolution and fashion aesthetics of the Belgian lingerie industry between 1880 and 1980, an understudied topic. The research group composed of Jocelyn Tsai, Lucinda Chen, Xiaohe Liang, Jiaxuan Chang, and Yen-Ning Chen were inspired to research these often overlooked undergarments and their role in Belgian fashion history.


The research began at the archive of the MoMu Antwerp, which collected garments designed and made by Belgian lingerie brands such as DÉWÉ, Femilux, du Parc…. In addition, the group researched the archives of ModeMuseum Hasselt, the Industriemuseum Ghent, and the Royal Museums of Art and History Belgian. Fashion magazines like Femmes d’Aujourd’hui from MoMu library and objects from private collections and vintage stores have also been explored.

By analyzing related objects, articles, and books, the group's research aims to gain insight on how lingerie products were designed, produced,and purchased by Belgian people before 1980.  The findings will be visualized in an exhibition featuring collected garments, posters, and magazine advertisements to disclose “under-fashion” in Belgium.

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